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Board Meeting


PO Box 28

Livermore, Colorado 80536


Meeting purpose: Board of Directors- Thursday January 19, 2023

Meeting Location: 311 W CR 74E, Livermore, CO

Meeting Time: 16:30 (4:30 p.m.)

Meeting Duration: 2.0 Hour


Board of Directors Agenda

Thursday February 16, 2023

LFPD Board of Directors Meeting


1.    Board meeting call to order

2.    Public access

3.    Report of Officers, Boards, and Standing committees

a.     Secretary Report of Filings/Notices – Sheri Furlott

b.    Chiefs Report – Jim Herrington

4.    Corrections or Approval of January 19, 2023, minutes

5.    Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Cosmas

6.    Review Grant Report

7.    Unfinished Business

a.     Web Host update

8.    New Business

a. Actuarial analysis of pension plan

b. Trip to California

c. DOLA & SDA Representative

d. New DEO

e. Fire Board Vacancies

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