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2023 Calls


168TestN/ADispatch Test Page
167TestN/ADispatch Test Page
16612/29/2322:20Medical74EPotential poisoning.  Paging system failed; UCH was on scene when LFPD arrived.
16512/26/2310:34MedicalRed MT areaStaged for LCSO.
16412/25/2309:20Fire AlarmBenedictine WayAlarm activated accidentally.  LFPD reset system.  No fire.
16312/23/2316:58Medical74E / CR37Provided initial assessment & patient care.  UC205 transported to PVH.
16212/21/2318:42Accident287 / 43FMotor vehicle accident.  UC216 obtained release.
16112/21/2304:01MedicalBenedictine WayLFPD assisted with assessment;  UC205 transported to PVH.
16012/14/2306:39 Accident287 MM 385Single vehicle motor vehicle accident 100' N of Lein.
15912/6/2311:08MedicalBenedictine WayReport of sick person.
15812/5/2307:51Wildfire287 / 80CTwo transients had made a campfire. The fire was extinguished.
15712/5/2305:41Wildfire287Wildfire reported 20 yrs off east side of 287.  Unable to locate.
15612/5/2303:00 Wildfire80CCampfire size wildfire reported 50 ft off road. Unable to locate.
15512/5/2320:54Accident287 North of Red MtCold motor vehicle accident. Rollover from 11/23.
15412/4/2306:30AccidentOld Ranch / 43FUCH 202; no transport.
15311/28/2320:38Accident287 / Ten Mile CanyonVehicle on roof; no people on scene.  The car was still there from an incident on 11/23.
15211/26/2309:51Medical287 / Colo LeinPossible stroke. UCH 202 and PFA E1&7 all showed.  Pt refusal.
15111/23/2317:30 MedicalVirginia Dale aresPossible pt with seizure among the vehicles in the previous accident.
15011/23/2317:22Accident287 MM 375Truck rolled over.  Pt transported to PVH by 221.
14911/22/2316:26AccidentVirginia Dale areaMultiple vehicle accident.
14811/22/23 12:43 AccidentRed Mt areaResident accidentally started wood bin and pile of hay on fire.  LFPD extinguished the fire.
14711/22/2321:44Medical287 / Spring Ranch RdPt drove to Teds Place.  Stood down at 21:55.
14611/18/2312:05Investigate AlarmCR74EChecked house with 4gas monitor; no CO problem found.
14511/15/232:36AccidentN 287Semi on its side. No injuries.
14411/14/2310:55MedicalRed Mountain areaPt  fell over dog.
14311/12/2317:33Accident287 / CR72Motor vehicle accident with injuries. UCHealth provided PT care with 3 refusals.  LFPD provided traffic control.
14211/4/2311:10Gas Leak74EResident requested a CO check of his furnace.
14111/4/2308:54Smoke/FireN287 / CR72Semi tractor reported on fire. No vehicle found.
14011/3/2319:17MedicalBonner Springs areaL5 met with pt who refused care.  No transport provided.
13910/30/2320:58AccidentWest 80C Vehicle rollover.  R1 transported one pt to 67J for rendezvous with UCH 212.
13810/29/2312:15AccidentBonner Spring areaVehicle flipped on Bonner Springs Ranch Rd.  LV4 escorted pt to Bonner Peak entrance. UC Ground transported.
13710/27/2320:38AccidentVirginia Dale areaMotor vehicle hit deer.  Pt refused transport; assumed risk.
13610/25/2303:22MedicalNorth 287Report of pt with pain and breathing problems. Stood down while on route.
13510/10/2303:30AccidentVirginia Dale areaSemi-truck hit an elk and left the road.  CDOT and CSP notified of fuel spill.
13410/6/2315:24WildfireWeaver Ranch RdSingle spruce tree on fire.
1339/30/2318:01MedicalCR80CPost surgery pt in pain. Transported to PVH.
1329/30/2316:02Wildland FireW80C - out of district, past Eaton Reservoir20'x20' area put out by 631. Turned over to Forest Service.
1319/28/2319:12MedicalCherokee HillsPt refused transport.
1309/28/2318:37MedicalBonner Spring areaReport of pt fall.  UCH transported pt to PVH.
1299/28/2301:18Accident N287 / 45EVehicle rolled and landed out of traffic lanes. UCGround transported pt to PVH.
1289/24/2314:08MedicalCR59Report of a possible broken leg. LFPD on scene first and assessed pt. LifeLine 3 assumed pt care and transported to PVH.
1279/17/2309:45Accident 80C / Calloway HillVehicle flipped.  R1 first on scene.  No medical pts.
1269/14/2312:03Accident 287 / 45ETwo vehicle accident. No pt transport.
1259/14/2308:04Accident 287 / Owl CanyonFull semi rolled and required extensive tow action to clear the scene.
1249/12/2306:55Accident 74ESingle vehicle motor vehicle accident. Pt transported to Station 1 by LCSO.  Transported to local hospital by UCH.
1239/10/2312:55Medical287 / Owl CanyonOne pt transported by UCH.
1229/9/2311:26Commercial Fire AlarmAlong 74EA simultaneous power outage is the presumed cause of the alarms.
1219/8/2321:23Medical80C / Station 2 areaPt with chest pain transported by helicopter.
1209/6/2308:16MedicalRed Mountain AreaLaramie 10 assisted LifeLine crew with initial care. UCH transported to PVH.
1199/5/2320:15MedicalRed Mountain AreaPt with seizure transported by UCH.
1189/3/2316:41Accident 80CVehicle rollover.  Single occupant with serious injuries transported via helicopter to local hospital.
1179/2/2317:37MedicalOut-of-district2 ATV riders brought to Station 1 by private car.  Two transported by UCH to a local hospital.
1168/31/23Medical287 / Owl Canyon RdAn additional medical incident occurred at the location of call #115.  LFPD assisted UHC and LCSO with pt.
1158/31/2316:59Accident 287 / Owl Canyon RdAccident with injuries. Car fire extended to pasture grass.  LFPD extinguished the car fire and grass fire and assessed pts.  8 pts transported.  A pt not involved in the accident experienced a medical emergency and was attended to by LFPD EMTs and transported to a local hospital by helicopter.
1148/31/2312:05MedicalNorth 287Pt transported to local hospital by helicopter.
1138/28/2320:31Investigate AlarmBonner Springs Ranch RdThe alarm was accidentally activated.
1128/28/2317:23Accident N287 / Summit Meadow RdA rollover accident.  UC ambulance assumed pt. care.  Two pt. refusals; no one transported.
111 8/28/2316:47Investigate AlarmBonner Springs Ranch RdResidential alarm was set off accidentally by construction.
1108/25/23 21:14Investigate "glow"N287 / Weaver Ranch RdReport of an orange "glow" turned out to be a tow truck with yellow lights in the fog.
1098/25/2312:30Accident 287 near Wyoming State LineProvided assistance to motor vehicle accident with no injuries.  (Rain)
1088/25/2312:11Accident 287 / Weaver RanchNo injuries. Gave driver a ride to The Forks. (Rain)
1078/25/2310:51MedicalVirginia Dale areaAccidental gunshot injury.  Transport by UCH and LifeLine.
1068/24/2301:03Fire AlarmChuck WagonAlarm fault; properly reset by fire department.
1058/23/2312:39Vehicle FireBetween Old Ranch Rd / CR43FFire was contained under the hood of the car.
1048/20/23 MedicalNorth 287Pt with racing heart.  Refusal by UCH.
1038/19/2312:42MedicalOut of district, far West 82ECalled for a fall.  Pt 1 with broken leg splinted and carried via backboard to UCH who transported to PVH.  Second pt assessed for dizziness, no transport.
1028/17/2320:53Accident Between Old Ranch Rd and N CR32 EVehicle southbound lost control, skidded across road into the air. Transported pt to PVH.
1018/15/23  Medical287 / 72Pt with severe knee pain on way to surgery.  UCH 208 first on scene.
1008/11/2300:19Medical287 / Ranch Springs RdCar in road with driver possibly confused.
997/27/2314:14MedicalThe ForksUCH 203 transfer to PVH.
987/29/2312:19Accident28700 Hwy 287A car flipped. 1 pt transferred to PVH.  A dog is loose and found 7/31 alive.
977/28/2312:59Fire WildlandVirginia Dale areaA lightning strike felled a 70' ponderosa pine.
967/26/2317:56Fire80C, Calloway HillFire comprised approx. 20x20 area of mostly juniper & duff. Conditions included lightning and rain on arrival.
957/26/2313:44Smoke ReportWest of 287, Virginia Dale areaUnable to locate, probably a USFS prescribed burn.
947/25/23 Accident74E / 37Provided assistance to CSP at earlier semi accident.
937/25/2316:26Traffic Control74E / 37A jackknifed semi; we provided traffic control.
927/25/2307:18Accident76H / 80CA double trailer (SAIA) with rear trailer rolled on side.  The truck contained hazardous materials.
917/23/2311:50Gas leak287A caller had a 20# propane tank overfilled and venting.  
907/16/2305:00AccidentBenedictine Way / 287Three pts with one refusal with UC ground.
897/16/23 WildfireForest Rd 182 / Pratt CreekLivermore initial attack and fire control and turned over to USFS.
887/15/2318:09MedicalTen Mile Canyon areaProvided assessment and initial care for snakebite victim.  Pt was transported to PVH via LifeLine.
877/13/2317:40AlarmSpirit Ranch RdIt was a false alarm. We reset heat alarm on Link Alarm system.
867/12/2318:45Medical287 MM-359A male was found slumped on guardrail assisted by LFPD, Deputy Sheriff and UCH.
857/9/23 MedicalEagles NestProvided assistance to Larimer County Parks and Eagles Nest to carry a dog out.
847/8/23 MedicalVirginia Dale Area1 pt transport to PVH.
837/8/2310:25Accident287 / High LonesomeHighway 287 is closed in both directions.  Rescue involves 2 helicopters and 3 ambulances.
8219:26Accident287 MM-385Unable to locate the reported rollover.  
8119:36Accident287 / InglesideUnable to locate the motor vehicle accident.
80 Medical287 / Red Mt RdMet a cardiac pt at 287 / Red Mt Rd. UCH214 transported, and LifeLine was canceled.
797/4/23 PreventionRed Feather LFPD provided a fireworks safety patrol.
787/1/2314:20Accident287 / 80CA truck rolled over and extraction was provided.
777/1/23 MedicalStation 1A possible cardiac pt walked into Station 1.  
766/29/2300:42Medical74EPt had fallen and was found unresponsive.  UCH233 and Lifeline 3 responded.
756/27/2314:43Medical80C west of 59Medical - feeling faint, UCH transport non-emergency.
746/27/2312:50WildfireTen Mile Canyon / Summitt MeadowThe smoke was likely a USFS Wyoming planned burn. No smoke was visible in the Red Mt area.
736/25/2321:19Accident287 / CR72A car/truck accident. One pt was ejected and flown by MedEvac.
72  InvestigateRed Mt RdReports of "white flashing lights" was a lightning storm.
716/20/2304:29Accident287 / Ranch Springs A car hit an elk and 2 pts were transported to PVH.
696/16/2312:16Smoke ReportCherokee MeadowsA large plume of smoke turned out to be a campfire attended by a landowner.
706/16/23 Accident287 / 80CThe accident occurred about an hour prior to page.  There was no injury and no pt.
686/14/2318:37Accident287 / 43FAccident involved a single vehicle off the road.  Medical aid was refused.
676/12/2312:00MedicalCherokee Meadows WestPt weak and vomiting for 2 days was provided ground transport.
666/10/23 AccidentCR80C / 69COne vehicle rollover during hailstorm.  One pt assisted by passerby to callbox. UCH provided ground transport.
656/10/2309:00Public ServiceVirginia DaleProvided fire education at Virginia Dale Stage Stop Celebration.
646/7/2318:39MedicalRed MountainPt with breathing issues transported to MCR via LifeLine.
636/7/2306:42Accident287 / CR80CA T-bone vehicle accident.  Two pts transported to MCR via LifeLine.
626/5/2311:24MedicalEagles NestPt with seizure.  LifeLine arrived but pt refused.
616/3/23 Accident287 NSingle vehicle southbound hydroplaned and hit wall.  One refusal and one non-pt.  (Rain)
606/3/23 Accident287Two vehicle accident: one rolled over, the other on its wheels but driver unable to get out.  Extraction necessary.  (Rain)
596/1/23 Investigate SmokeCR37 areaReport of waterspout was rancher filling pond.
586/1/2319:01Accident287 / W CR72Semi slid in rain, but remained upright.
575/29/23 Public ServiceStation 1Vehicle broke down on Rattlesnake Rd and the motorist walked to Station 1 for help.
56   No call.  Accidental assignment by dispatch.
555/27/23 ATV AccidentForest Rd 182 / CR80CMinor injuries, pt refusal, no transport.
545/27/23 ATV AccidentForest Rd 182 / CR87EOuter district, serious injury, helicopter transported.
535/27/23 InvestigateBonner PeakSurveyed area and interviewed reporting party.  UTL - Stand down.
525/27/2300:52MedicalCherokee MeadowPerson fell in rocks.  Transported via UCH after extraction on litter.
515/21/2311:29MedicalEagles NestResponded to Eagles Nest for rattlesnake bite. Pt assessed by LifeLine refused care.
505/13/2303:51Accident287 MM-378Med1 transported 3 pts to PVH.
495/10/2316:06Medical287 / Bonner Springs RanchSick person transported by UCH. LFPD provided assist.
485/5/2315:23Smoke ReportRed MountainNo fire was found.
475/4/23 Investigate74EReport of propane smell. Test was done without definite results.  Will try a new detector.
465/3/23 Fire ReportThe ForksOn scene found nothing, but found a trash burn on 74E.  Later a campfire was found east of the Forks.
455/3/23 Fire ReportThe ForksPerson in area reported smoke/fire in the Forks.  Nothing was found.
444/24/2307:43Accident287 between Red Mt and 80CTwo semis involved; traffic was blocked in both directions.  One non-pt and one refusal.
434/24/2305:44MedicalCR72LFPD assisted UCH218 with possible appendicitis.
424/23/2323:05Accident287 / 43FUnable to locate the MVA.
414/19/23Smoke Report80C / 1 mile west of 287Confirmed by LV4 as a legal AG burn.
404/17/2311:25MedicalCherokee MeadowPt transported to PVH by UC204.
394/16/2318:59MedicalPoudre River RanchesPt fell in driveway.  Son assisted to house.  Air transport.
384/15/23Accident287Motor vehicle with trailer flipped.  Pts assessed and refusals done by UCH.
374/13/2316:59Grass FireWest 74EGlacier View assisted and confirmed it was a controlled AG burn.
364/13/2316:24MedicalCherokee MeadowsPt fell off horse.  No UCH units available.  LifeLine3 responded and transported pt to MCR.
35 04:37FireGlacier ViewGV command requested LFPD assistance for a structural fire.
344/5/2311:31Medical287 / 74H Motor vehicle T-bone accident.
334/5/23 Grass Fire287 / InglesideReport of grassfire, but zero smoke, nothing found.
324/2/2301:36Wildland FirePoudre River RanchesLFPD provided initial size-up and attack by engine crews for an out-of-control burn.  Assisted by Glacier View.  
313/31/2311:01Medical Provided assessment of pt having seizure.  Pt transported via UC ground.
303/30/2319:45MedicalCherokee HillPt having back pain and spasms.  UCH transported routine.
293/28/2319:45Medical287 MM-359Pt had been tazed, but call was cancelled on route.
283/11/23 Accident74E near Mt ShadowOne pt transported to PVH with back pain.
273/8/2310:20AccidentN287 between Red Mt and 10 Mile CanyonCar swerving hit semi. Side impact, air bags deployed, no injuries.  Heavy fog!
263/7/23 Grass Fire Powerline on top of pole separated and dropped burning pole top on grass and ignited a 1ft x 1ft grass spot.  No active fire. Minimal potential for ignition or spread.
253/5/23 MedicalStation 1Pt with seizure at Station 1 was transported to PVH.
243/5/2306:36MedicalRed Mt areaReport of person hemorrhaging.
233/4/23 AccidentN 287Motor vehicle hit deer. LFPD was first on scene.  LifeLine and UC201 assumed care. Pt was flown to MCR.
223/2/23 Accident287 Single vehicle off the east side of 287 south of Lien quarry entrance.  Two pts; passenger with severe back pain; used backboard. 
213/2/23 Medical82EReport of cardiac arrest.
20 3/1/23 Accident287 / 72 A box truck on its side, no injuries per UCH207.
193/1/2300:23Accident287Motor vehicle hit deer.
182/26/23 Public ServiceW80C MM-9Helped lost man find the address he was looking for.
172/12/2309:53Smoke Report287 / 74E 
162/10/2314:35Wildfire287 / N of Owl CanyonL4 checked the scorched area. LCSO is keeping an eye on it.
152/10/2314:26Wildfire287 / N of Owl CanyonReport of a .22 acre grassfire eastside of 287.
142/6/23 AccidentN 287Motor vehicle accident: truck spun/smoking.  Medical aid was refused.
132/6/2301:45AccidentW74EMotor vehicle hit a deer. Driver states she is fine and refused help.  All LF units enroute cancelled.
122/5/23 MedicalS. Diamond PeakStood down quickly: the call was for a different Diamond Peak.
112/4/23 Medical287 / N of Ten Mile CanyonSingle vehicle rollover on the westside of 287.  Driver refused medical but given a ride to town with UCH.
102/4/23 Accident287 / N of 10 Mile CanyonSingle vehicle rollover on the eastside of 287.  Pt assessed but refused treatment.  (Snow & ice blowing across highway.)
91/31/2313:50MedicalW74EReport of pt with difficulty breathing. Transferred to PVH via UCH206.
81/29/2311:17Medical Pt with chest pain, discomfort, vomit, dehydrated, irregular heartbeat. Transferred to PVH via UCH209.
71/26/2314:25Accident287 / 10 Mile Canyon Report of a vehicle off road.  Pt good and medical refused.
61/26/2310:37Medical Alarm74E / Livermore areaAccidental activation of a medical alarm.
1/25/23 Accident287 MM-370A semi hauling cream rolled over. Two pts, one self-extracted.  Both transferred non-emergency.
41/22/2311:57Medical74EPt with severe shoulder pain.  LV1 provided initial care with UCH204 assuming care and transport.
31/15/2316:58MedicalW82ESick person transported via UCH to PVH non-emergency.
21/15/2314:45AccidentNorth 287Motor vehicle with injury.  One pt transported by UCH.
11/14/2309:25InjuryBar Loop TrailPerson fell in slick mud and fractured ankle. UCH207 transported to PVH.
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