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How do I know if I am part of the Livermore Fire Protection District? 

Examine your property tax statement and verify your parcel number located in the top right heading of the document. On the top left side is your Tax Authority. If you are in the Livermore Fire Protection District then "Livermore Fire District" will be listed.

Does LFPD conduct residential fire inspections? 

No. LFPD is an all volunteer organization and there are currently no members qualified to conduct such inspections. It may be necessary to refer to a commercial entity in Fort Collins to accomplish required inspections.

Am I required to have a sprinkler system in the home I am building in the Livermore Fire Protection District? 

Requirements for fire suppression systems including residential and commercial sprinkler systems are mandated by Larimer County. Each structure must be evaluated based on the criteria set forth by the Larimer County Building Department. In addition to the structure there may be conditions on the actual property that were set forth when the parcel was subdivided. Visit under Building Department to access more details. 

How wide should the entrance to my rural home be? 

A minimum useable all weather driveway/road surface width of 12 feet is recommended to assure safe ingress and egress of emergency response vehicles. If topography makes this width impractical a narrower width for short distances may be acceptable if the road design is demonstrated to be otherwise safe. Maintainable minmum acceptable width in these cases is 10 feet per Larimer County Road Standards.

Is there a clearance standard for areas with a lot of trees? 

Access road through forested areas must maintain property clearance heights above the traveled way sufficient to allow passage of emergency vehicles. Tree branches must be trimmed to obtain a minimum overhead clearance of 13' 6" per Larimer County Road Standards.

Are there other roadway considerations for my private property? 

Yes. Larimer County Road Standards can be accessed at

What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating for individual rural properties? 

Most properties have and ISO rating of 9 or 10. This rating is established based on a variety of criteria including resopnse time, amount of water able to be pumped in a limited amount of time and available appartus to do so.

How do i request reports for my insurance claim or litigation? 

Submit a written request to
   Livermore Fire Protection District
   Attn: Administration Captain
   P.O. Box 28
   Livermore, CO 80536
If you are representing a person that received medical treatment you must provide written notarized consent from the subject or the appropriate subpoena. You may contact the Administration  Captain at (970) 472-5592 to arrange a waiver of subpoena service and expedite your request.


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