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616/16/2414:25MedicalCR 82EChest pain, possible cardiac arrest; pt flown to MCR.
606/15/2417:53MedicalCR 59Report of pt fall.  Transport by UC213.
596/12/24 Smoke InvestigationCR 59Call was handled by Albany County, Wyoming.
586/11/2417:45Medical287 MM 359Report of cardiac arrest.
576/8/2418:51MedicalRed Mountain areaLaramie District 10 responded first and completed pt care.
566/4/2412:20MV Accident287 between 80C / Red Mt Rd Semi jack-knifed blocking both northbound lanes. No injuries, Truck leaking fuel.
555/27/24 NANAAccidental page; disregard.
545/31/2414:34Wildland FireCR 74EProvided assistance for wild land AG burn.
535/27/2422:58PatrolStation 2 areaApparatus involved SQ4 and E632.
525/26/2409:40PatrolRed Mountain, Cherokee Park, Boulder RidgeApparatus involved SQ4, E632, E634, and R2
515/25/2413:45PatrolOld Feldspar Mine RdApparatus involved E634.
505/25/2410:46Medical74EReport of possible stroke; pt refused transport by UCH.
495/21/2411:34MedicalBonner Peak areaUC transported pt.
485/18/2402:53MedicalBonner Peak areaLFPD first on scene and assessed pt; UC220 transported.
475/16/2414:08MedicalN. 287LFPD staged at rest area then followed UC216 to the scene. No pt; stood down.
465/16/24 06:12Medical AssistThe ForksCall cancelled.  Parties declined medical.
455/14/2401:11MedicalN. 287Report of accidental gunshot incident.   Pt transported via helicopter.
445/11/2412:30Wildland FireGlacier ViewAssist Glacier View with escaped ditch burn.
435/10/248:41MV AccidentHwy 287One pt transported to PVH.
425/9/2419:59MedicalRed Mountain areaTransported by UCH.
415/3/2417:43MV Accident287 / Springs Ranch RdPickup side swiped by semi. One pt with leg pain and back spasms; routine to PVH.
404/30/2413:56FireN 287Dumpster fire mostly contained.
394/27/2416:39 Flash FireBonner Peak areaAcetone vapors ignited.
384/22/2413:55Smoke Report80CSmoke seen from 80C.
374/20/2419:09MedicalOut-of-districtReport of pt fall.  Albany county ambulance did refusal.
364/19/2412:18MV Accident287 / Owl CanyonSingle semi accident; no pt but diesel released, PFA Hazmat.
354/10/2418:58MedicalCherokee Hills areaLife assist turned into a transport to PVH via UCH.
344/9/2411:55AlarmRed Mountain areaCO alarm in residence.
334/6/2417:36Mutual Aid/WildfirePoudre CanyonPoudre Canyon requested our assistance.  Stood down.
324/6/2416:58MV Accident287 / Old Feldspar MineReport of rolled semi.  Pt already transported via POV.  Stood down.
314/2/2421:16MedicalNorth 287UCH transported one pt.
303/26/2411:00MV Accident287 / Old Ranch RdSingle vehicle rollover; 1 pt self-extracted and refused transport.
293/24/2415:92Service CallCR 76HAssisted getting dog off the roof of the house successfully.
283/20/2413:10MedicalCR 74EUCH 202 transported one pt.
273/19/2419:56MedicalCR 59Assisted Lifeline and UCH 222;  pt was flown out.
263/19/2414:47Medical287 / Ranch Springs RdStood down by CSP.
253/16/2401:37MedicalNorth Highway 287Report of pt vomiting. LFPD stood down on route by PFA.
243/11/2413:41MV Accident287 between Red Mt and Ten Mile Canyon18-wheeler off the side of north-bound 287.  Cab and trailer jammed but upright.  No pts. 
233/9/2416:30Report of Fire74E / CR37Call cancelled; AG burn per dispatch.
223/7/2420:31MV Accident287 /Ranch Spring RdRollover accident. No injuries; stood down.
213/3/2418:54Medical287 @ MM 381Stood down on route;  MVA was in Wyoming.
202/29/2420:16Medical287 / Blue Ridge WayPatient refused transport.
192/29/2417:00MedicalVirginia Dale areaStaged and stood down.
182/25/2407:56MedicalRed Mountain areaReport of sick person.  UC 202 transported pt.
172/23/2402:26MedicalUpper Red Mountain areaLFPD made initial assessment; UC 223 transported. 
162/22/2414:39MV Accident287 / Red Mountain RdReport of rolled vehicle. UC 208 transported 2 pts.  
152/19/2409:10MV Accident287 / MM377Bus off road.  
142/16/2416:00MV AccidentTen Mile Canyon / Summit MeadowVehicle slid off road just south of previous call.  No injuries.
132/16/2415:43MV AccidentTen Mile Canyon / Summit MeadowMulti-vehicle accident; two pts transported via two UC ground units.
122/7/24 Smoke Report80C / 67JMultiple calls of dark grey smoke west of 287.  A prescribed burn was the source of the smoke.
112/4/2410:05MV Accident287 near Old Ranch RdReport of car in ditch.   No car found on this side of state line. Vehicle was found in WY without injuries.
102/3/2409:30MV Accident287 / Ten Mile CanyonSnow/slush on roads.  Sedan and pickup accident, no injuries.  While on this call, LVPD helped pull out another vehicle that slid off the road.
92/3/2409:15MV Accident287 / Ten Mile CanyonHeavy snow/slush caused a vehicle to rollover.  Three transported to MCR.
82/1/2420:00MedicalRanch Springs Rd areaUnconscious pt transported to PVH via ground.
71/30/2408:27MV Accident287 at LienSemi rolled over gravel truck turning into Lien.  No spills.
61/23/2404:09MedicalRed Mountain areaPt had pain, trouble breathing, and was dizzy. UCH transported.
1/18/2409:25MV Accident287 MM380No injuries; CSP took over the scene.
41/16/2406:32MV AccidentCR 80CVehicle off the road on its roof.  No injuries; CSP took over.
31/14/2413:08AlarmBenedictine Way900 & LV26 called for stand down after contacting the Abbey.
21/11/2409:18MedicalCR 80CParty confused.
11/5/2423:20MedicalRed Mountain areaPt with back pain & weakness; transported to PVH via UCH.
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